Crafty Syntax Application completed for submission :

Fireball Studios has completed a contract application for the Crafty Syntax Live Help system. This app has been submitted, and will be available shortly (after Apple's submission review process).

You can view a short demo of the application, posted by Crafty Syntax, on YouTube.

We're very pleased to have been involved in this project, and look forward to Crafty Syntax users being able to get their hands on it.

When the application is available, we will post a link here directly to the App Store, or you can check the Crafty Syntax website, Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.


Interception price has been reduced :

Since release, Interception has been priced at US$1.99. Although we feel that's certainly reasonable for the quality of the title, the App Store users disagree on grounds that Fireball Studios is not a major name publisher.

In order to allow as many users as possible to enjoy Interception, we've made the decision to reduce the pricing to $.99 immediately. We hope you'll take the opportunity to purchase and enjoy Interception. We worked hard on it, and are still quite proud of it's standing as a top tier arcade game on the iOS platform.


Interception Released :

Fireball Studios is pleased to announce that Interception, our first Arcade Action title for the iPhone and iPod Touch, is now available on the App Store. Click the link, or the App Store icon to be directed right to it.

We hope you all enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it (and playing it). Feel free to leave reviews on iTunes, and feedback in our forums. We'd really love to hear what people think of it.

Thanks for playing!


Games Section Updated :

We've updated the Games section with screenshots and descriptions of our first two titles. More screens have been posted in the forum as well. Check them out!


About Us Section Updated :

The About Us section has been updated with a message from our founder. As well as two new FAQ questions. (have a question? Ask us directly in the forum. We'd love to hear from you.)


Fireball Studios Opens It's Doors :

Fireball Studios is pleased to welcome you to our new web site. We now have forums and previews for all our upcoming titles. Keep watching this space for the latest information, screenshots, and trailers.