About Us : A personal message from our founder.

Thanks for visiting our new site. I'd like to take a minute and tell you a little bit about Fireball Studios. Where we're coming from, and where we hope to go.

Fireball Studios is a new independent iPhone and iPod Touch developer. The reasons for going independent are many, but mostly because of a dissatisfaction with my last organization, and with the stagnation of the game publishing industry in general. There are a number of notable exceptions, but for the most part the industry seems afraid of change, and I think many of you readers would agree that we suffer a great deal from "Sequelitis", rehashes, and generally mediocre ports of existing titles.

After discussion with some colleagues, we decided to form Fireball Studios because We have a tremendous amount of desire and determination to bring great entertainment software and gaming experiences to the iPhone and iPod Touch. We are making it our mission to create unique titles that every iPhone gamer can enjoy. You can expect new and interesting original material every time you pick up a Fireball Studios title.

We plan on publishing a number of titles in a short period of time, but please don't think this will degrade the quality of our offerings. Every member of the team is a perfectionist, and won't abide the sale of sub-standard software. We'll let our work speak for itself in this regard, so please check out the latest reviews on your favorite iPhone gaming sites. If they don't know about us yet, please be sure to spread the word! We certainly would appreciate it.

Finally, everyone at Fireball Studios is VERY interested in direct contact with our customers. We want to give you all the opportunity to tell us what you like and don't like about our software. What you'd like to see in the next version, or title. In order to create the next great game you want to buy, we need to hear from you. Did you find a bug? Get a high score? Think that last boss was too hard? Really like that BGM track? Sign on to our forums and let us know.

Again, Thanks for taking the time to check us out. Looking forward to your comments and see you in the forums.




Q: Why "Fireball Studios" ?

A: "Fireball" has been the online alias of our founder since way back into the 80s. First used on a 1200bps modem connecting to local BBS systems. He has been rather irritated with folks using it for other services of late, and this is the "ultimate revenge" being able to use it as the company's name.

Q: Why is there Japanese available on the site? Do you speak / read it?

A: We currently have two members of the team who are Japanese nationals. We plan on taking the best aspects of both Japanese and American styles of game design to create a unique and powerful experience. So we also plan on marketing hard in the Japanese market and need a Japanese language site.